Type O


          I thought it was only fair, to begin with, the beginning. This blood type O was present with the first humans on earth, the cave men’s  as we know them. Now see, they were hunters, hence my meat eaters nickname. Their diet primarily consisted of meat and some plants around them. It is important to have more meats in your diet, as opposed to Blood Type A, where more vegetables are recommended.

          You should definitely try to avoid wheat as much as possible and look over for alternatives like amaranth and buckwheat. We will talk more about which foods are recommended and which are not later.

          As an ending to this short description, Blood Type O people are very strong people. I mean seriously, they are the only group that can donate to all the other groups, making them superheroes. They should not let this information get to their heads. Like all superheroes, there are some weaknesses. Comparing to other groups, they are prone to ulcerations and diseases of the colon. Don’t these sound terrible? Uhh… 

          Keep in mind that you guys are active people, and you should engage in some sort of sustained physical exercises in order to maintain the glandular activity. Think I’ve spoken Chinese? (its a joke we make when we don’t understand a thing). Don’t worry, make sure you check the good foods and follow a workout plan if you wish.

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