Type B


           Welcome to type B. Scientist’s and anthropologist’s believe that this type formed somewhere around 10.000 years B.C. In this case, it was the the climatic changes that lead this type into forming. People back then were busy raising animals and maintaining their farms. They got used to dairies as a plus to meat and vegetables. Since type B offers you a wider variety of foods, people in this category are usually much more resistant to cancer and cardiovascular diseases. But yes, the kryptonite… lupus and sclerosis are what can threaten your bodies health.

           We should keep in mind that wheat yet again is a common enemy for type B. But why? You may ask. Wheat is so delicious. Well, because wheat is not so easily digested and it can influence your metabolism negatively. But don’t despair, there are plenty of alternatives to wheat. Basically, the main foods recommended are meats, dairies and fish as well as… of course, vegetables. You can take a more in depth look here.

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