Tybee Island GA | Savannah Beach

Our first delivery brought us directly to one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Or at least pretty close to it. We had to go to ‘the Heart of Georgia’, how it’s called. And I’m sure, that there are some interesting things to see in Macon, Georgia, but after 17 hours of driving without resting, I still insisted to go to Savannah or more specifically Tybee Island. My biggest desire was to see the Ocean. So we switched drivers, I took over the wheel and drove the last three hours while Solo was asleep. I must admit that it’s pretty easy to drive the Van. After you’ve driven in Bucharest, Romania, there’s basically nothing that can scare you, not even the highway. We didn’t shower in a while and the heat was suffocating. We were sweaty and tired.

But with every mile I came closer to the Atlantic Ocean I got more and more excited. The moment I saw the Ocean through the window of the Van, I instantly bursted into tears. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to find a parking spot for an Extended Cargo Van. It’s not like parking a Smart, and even that would’ve been a problem on Tybee Island. That’s because Tybee is a ‘Pay to Park Community’ which means that there are absolutely NO free, public parking spaces on the Island. This was a problem, because we had almost no money at that time. We weren’t sure if we’d get any delivery jobs, so we had to really, really count every penny we spend. That’s why spending 20 $ on parking for a couple of hours, was just out of question. Of course there had to be alternatives to the expensive hotel parking. Some of the streets in Tybee had parking meters which were 2 $ per hour. The only problem was, there were no free spots and we, since this was our first tour, didn’t have any nickels, dimes, quarters or dollar coins, at all.

So, basically, I was trapped in the car, one step away from my bucket list moment of diving into the Atlantic Ocean, and yet farer than ever.

I was crashed. Solo was very tired and extremely irascible. Now I was crying because of despair not because of excitement. We spend more than 20 hours in the car, and now more than one hour and a half searching for a place to leave the car. Solo was angry and in all this mess we started fighting. While he went to a store to change 5 dollars into coins, I was crying my heart out in the car. I couldn’t take it anymore, I just wanted to jump out of the car and run into the water. Instead I was sitting there like a trapped animal praying for my release.

When Solo came out of the store his face seemed totally different. He didn’t seem mad anymore, so he must’ve gotten the coins, at least that’s what I thought. It was even better than that. The guy in the store told him that the parking regulations are enforced only from 8 AM to 8 PM. Instantly I checked the watch on my phone: 8:30 PM. It felt like somebody just opened the doors to my cage and I was finally able to fly out.

When my feet touched the warm sand for the first time, I just let go of everything and cried. I cried for all the souls that died, for broken relationships, and broken trust. For all the unhappiness trapped inside my body, I cried out all my frustrations, all the negativity that was eating me up from inside. I was crying my eye’s out silently, almost unnoticeable. After I was done, I felt a pure emotion of freedom. It felt almost like I was born again, a sentiment of love and affection was all around me as I entered the Ocean. The sun sank almost entirely into the water. The sky was one with the Ocean, as I became one with the warmth and tenderness of the wind. I let my body rest in the water, and it carried me. It carried my weight making my bones feel like feathers and all my burdens transformed into waves, crashing into a rocky shore. I felt genuine happiness, probably for the first time in my life.

And suddenly I started to ask myself, what if nothing is divine? Or more than that, what if everything is divine? Because for a blink, I was almost sure I felt divinity itself, touching me. For a second I knew, that nature itself is divine, and that there’s no superhuman being or spirit worshiped that has power over nature or human fortunes, but we ourselves are the deity. We are part and source of the universe all in one. We are energy, just like everything else surrounding us is. In this small moment, nothing and everything made sense again.

We fell asleep on the beach, listening to the sound of the waves. It felt deliberating and comforting.  The wind was our blanket and the sand our bed. Never before in my life have I slept that good.

That evening I didn’t want to go out. I didn’t need souvenirs, shopping, food, drinks, entertainment, comfort, winning the lottery, showers, books, a hotel room, scuba diving, money, surfing or anything one might normally desire.

Just being at the Ocean was more than enough.