Is the Grand Canyon really 'just a really big hole', or is there more to it? 

Since I've been little, I've dreamed about visiting the Grand Canyon. I've learned about it at school, read about it in books and seen it in movies a thousand times. 

As might be expected, I was thrilled when I arrived at The South Rim of the Grand Canyon. I've read that it's the most visited location at the Canyon and that it's open all year

Filled with it's scenic views, this natural wonder of the world really was everything (and more) I've expected to see in a lifetime. 

Though most visitors seemed to just stop at the most famous viewpoints, to take some pictures, and nothing else, I knew this wasn't the 'Grand Canyon Experience' I've wanted to have. 

That's why we decided to stay for more than one day at the Canyon. This offered us enough time to do a day hike, to watch a spectacular sunset and an even more breathtaking sunrise and get away from the crowd, having a really peaceful experience even on the busiest summer day. 


All about the food

We decided to quickly grab a coffee to go at the 'Yavapai Coffee Shop'. Later that day, we tried lunch at the 'Yavapali Lodge Restaurant'. The food was a bit pricey but reasonably quick. I had the Salmon Burger which tasted fresh and delicous with the side of salad. 

In the rustic but cozy ambience of the 'Bright Angel Restaurant', we decided to treat ourselves after a long day of hiking and sight seeing.The restaurant's atmosphere was good but the food was average. Nevertheless, we had a really nice time at this restaurant. 

During our stay at the Grand Canyon we also stoppend at the Grab 'N' Go 'Bright Angel Cafe', where I had a fresh and hot banana nut muffin. I was absolutley mouth-watering! (Which I knew, I shouldn't have shared with the squirrel, but I just couldn't resist.)

We also stopped at the 'Canyon Village Market' to buy some fresh vegetables, chees, salad, bread, almonds and water. Of course, we lost a little time, looking at the merchandise, the arts, crafts and souvenirs at the General Store. 


The Hermit Hiking Trail - Day Hike

The Hermit hiking trail is about 8.9 miles (14.3 km) long. It provides access to the historic area of the Grand Canyon. Unfortunately, there are no water sources along this trail so you should bring enough water in order to prevent dehydration.

There's a wide variety of wildlife animals in the Grand Canyon. Along this hiking trail we saw birds, frogs, hundrets of species of bees, ants, butterflies, squirrels, elks and mule deers. 

All about the Shuttle Buses

There are three different routes: Village Route, Rim Route and Hermits Rest Route. They are all free, because once you've paid the entrance fee, the shuttle bus transportation is included. The shuttle buses stop at shops, visitor centres and popular viewpoints around the South Rim.

What was my favorite thing to do at the Grand Canyon?

Well, there's no doubt, that the most exciting thing for me to do at the Canyon was definitely Yoga. Finding time to practice Yoga in one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World was absolutely breathtaking

Maybe there are people who really think that the Grand Canyon is just a huge hole, but unarguably, it's a spectacular, awe-inspiring and magnificent one! And no pictures will ever capture the real views you'll get when you're actually there.