Ok, the BASICS would look something like that. Sure, each food item, each country, each city, each company might have it differently with more or less information, but these are the main ones. Remember, these numbers are for 100 ml. Multiply that by 10 and you got yourself a 1 liter carton of milk here in Europe. Divide the 1 liter ingredients by 4 and you have yourself one portion of milk. Doesn’t it seem like too much work to do, just to understand what goes in our body? It sure is. Now, the moment you’ve been waiting, the secret formula. 

I won’t be able to convince you what you eat. But I want to convince you that not everything you see on the shelf is right for you.

You, as an individual, with a heart, organs, a soul, a body. You, the person that has a brain so smart that it named himself (yup, let that sink in for one moment), only You can decide if you will start eating more consciously. Isn’t that the whole thing? “Don’t eat so many carbs, leave the proteins, don’t eat chocolate, that has too many calories, and blah and blah and blah”.

Look up a second. See that heart? How is bolded? The heart is a very crucial factor in choosing a diet. Why? Simple. Blood. Without blood, our heart would not function, without a heart, our brain could not name other things around us. You get my point. Blood, so important. You have probably seen many articles on Blood Types. If not, I'll fill you in. There are 4 important blood types: ABAB, and ‘dramatic drum roll’ O. Each person has its own blood type