Coffee! Coffee! Coffee!

Yes, I wrote coffee 3 times, in this post.

I will share 3 reasons with you, why Starbuck's Medium Roast House Blend is the best!

Since the beginning of mainstream coffee, everyone is freaking out about Starbucks. While visiting the US, I drank a ton of Starbucks including coffee, tea, shakes, smoothies and personalized drinks. Needless to say, enough was enough. Now, at home I can also have Starbucks thanks to the Medium Roast Blend. I can listen to my favorite music while I brew it and the wood crumbling in the fireplace while the smell of blended beans covers up the entire kitchen.

1. It's the perfect present

Starbucks has always been the 'forbidden' coffee in Romania due to it's price and hard to find features, but recently, I received the Medium Roast Blend as a gift, and usually, when something is given to me with love, it automatically becomes one of the best. You can never go wrong with this coffee as a present, especially with Christmas right around the corner. 

2. The smell is incredible

I have smelled and felt so many different coffees in my life so you would think they started to mix. But the Medium Roast Blend from Starbucks stands out from all of them because of the subtle flavor that lasts for hours.   

3. The taste is genius

Last but not least and probably the most important. The taste. Thats what coffee is all about, right? I usually drink mine with milk, maple syrup and cinnamon. The taste is pure genius, and the intensity of the coffee filled my soul and actually gave me a shiver down my spine. It didn't compare to all those drinks I had while roaming the US. In conclusion, I support home brewed coffee and hope you are as lucky as me to share it with the loved ones. 

Tell me in the comments below what YOUR favorite blended coffee is