There's always a line at the 'GRILLMOBIL' 

There are all kinds of things at this years Christmas Market in Sibiu. From roasted almonds, mulled wine, to Christmas decorations, jewelries, hats and much more. It's the most colorful and cheerful place. 

Culinary speaking, I discovered my 'Christmas Market Highlight' at the 'Grillmobil'. With a simple barbecue grill in the interior of their nicely decorated truck, they manage to create a tasty and authentic 'hot dog experience'.  

Their menu is really elementary. You choose the size of your hot dog and then you can add extras like fired onions and pickles. Now, a hot dog is a food, that's almost impossible to mess up. There are endless variations of the 'typical hot dog'.  But what makes this hot dog stand special? It's definitely their XXL sausage. It's really big and you can barely finish one by yourself. Other than the size, the sausage was just regularly fried.

Another great thing about this hot dog is the bun. The texture is really similar to a 'Pretzel', a dark brown, crispy and salty crust with a soft dough on the inside. The sauces are nothing special. Right next to the stand they have three containers with mustard, ketchup and mayo.

This hot dog is yummy and relatively inexpensive. Street food is so amazing because food, in general, just tastes better if you enjoy it outdoors. It doesn't matter if it's freezing outside. While I was eating, every bite seemed like a celebratory event

Snacking and drinking at the Christmas Market is a social and cheerful event, where people are having a good time. If you visit this year's Christmas Market in Sibiu, I tell you, it's almost impossible to resist the sausages at the 'Grillmobil'.