It's hot chocolate season and I've got a real treat for all the chocolate lovers out there! 

There's nothing better than a warm mug of chocolate with floating marshmallows! It's my favorite way to warm up after a cold afternoon. So I will share my all-time favorite hot chocolate recipe with you. 

I promise your family will absolutely love this recipe! (But then again, what's there not to love about hot chocolate?) 

You need:
600 ml milk
2 tbsp sugar
4 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
4 tbsp semi-sweet chocolate 
1 tbsp cinnamon
Optional: I prefer Hazelnut Milk or Almond Milk for this recipe, but you can use any kind of milk you want!

How you make it:
1. Pour the milk, sugar and cocoa powder in a pan and stir until smooth. Pour into mugs. Then float the marshmallows on the hot chocolate. Decorate with cinnamon and grated chocolate
2. Put in predeated oven and roast marshmallows until they are golden brown (about 10 minutes)!
3. Enjoy! 

This recipe is perfect for a cozy winter night when the snow is falling and the fireplace is warming you. While enjoying a good book or share some love with your family and friends