Have You Ever Had Coffee From A Syphon?

Well, I did, and I have to tell you, that I wasn't disappointed at all. But is it true? Is there such a thing as ‘a flawless coffee brewer’, so good, it promises the ‘perfect coffee every day’?

Or is it all just show?

I didn’t see Solo in some weeks, so obviously, I was extremely excited when he invited me to a small Cafe called 'Arhiva de Cafea si Ceai'. It turns out, that staying friends after breaking up, is easier than I expected. Located right in the center of Sibiu, it was the most charming and cozy place in town. When I entered this lovely, old style coffee house, I was immediately drawn by the aroma of fresh coffee and tea.

On the first page of the menu, I found the so called 'Syphon Coffee', made by a machine which absolutely insured the finest cup of coffee. How? By actually filtering the coffee, and not destroying its flavor by boiling it.

I read, that the Syphon was invented by Loeff of Berlin in the 1830's, and to be completely honest, looking at the picture it resembled a lot with something from a science laboratory. Though instantly intrigued, I was also a little skeptical. 

I asked the barista for advice about the brew, and she suggested 'Ethiopia Yiergacheffe', because of the delicate taste. The way she prepared the coffee was absolutely spectacular and really fun to watch. My expectations were getting even higher, while watching this theatrical brewing method.  

After my first sip, I felt like I was tasting coffee for the first time in my life. In front of me, I had an incredibly delicious and most satisfying cup of coffee, which had been prepared in the most spectacular way.

If you’re a coffee lover this nice spot in Sibiu is a must-see. Plus they have insane chocolate cakes as well.  

You should get ready for an unforgettable experience.



I will definitely go back there soon!