Fattoria la vialla - Organic Italian Food Fresh From The Farm

What’s so great about organic food, anyway? 

The 19th century philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach said, "Man is what he eats". So, why do people choose to eat organic? Most of them choose it because they want to be healthy, because it tastes better and because they care about nature and animal welfare. They are also avoiding chemical residues from conventional food. Because organic food has more antioxidant compounds linked to better health than regular food! It can boost up to 40 percent higher levels of nutrients, lower levels of toxic metals and pesticides!  

That’s why this year for Christmas we got ourselves a very, very special present. As you may have noticed from my futher

blog posts, I adore Italian food! Italians are passionate about their food and culture, that’s why my favorite recipies are from the authentic Italian cousine. We were so happy when we found out about ‘Fattoria La Vialla’, a Italian farm located in Tuscany. So, we got a beautifully wrapped pachage of organic goodies.   

The farm is family-run and they also have a restaurant, which I really hope to visit someday! The food is absolutely incredible. Of course we can’t all grow farms but we can for sure be more careful where our food comes from. 

But enough about organic food for now, we'll get back to it later. Instead let me tell you some more about my 'special guest today': Cristina

I met Cristina when I was in college. I first talked to her at a barbecue party in May! There where a lot of friends at the party, a lot of bottles filled with booze and of course barbecue and good food! The moment the two of us where climbing up a tree, it was obvious to me: Cristina is pretty awesome! So we became friends quickly, because as we all know even Aristotle said once that you can't live without friends! Of course there where many adventures that followed, like our 'last minute' trip to Milan

So, I thought it would be a great idea to remember our last trip together in Italy by cooking and eating Italian pasta. That's why I saved the pasta and sauce that we got from 'Fattoria La Vialli' for the New Year's visit she paid me. That's how we ened up cooking pasta together on the first day of 2016 and we had a lot of fun doing it! The vegetables for the sauce were cut immediately and the pasta cooked in no time. We've made a lot of jokes, laughed a lot, rememered the back to when we were in Milan and listened to italian music.  

We set the table nicely and chose 'Italian inspired' ornamentation. Our dinner started with a traditional Italian aperitif cocktail: Aperol Spritz with Prosecco. It was while we were eating when I realized what the true magic of food is! It is preparing something with care and love, it is being surrounded by loved ones, it is the food that smells and tastes like memories, it is reminiscing on the past while creating new memories together. That is true passion for good and quality food.

Wrapping up, our opinion on organic food looks like this: If you want to eat something healthy and tasty, you should be more careful where your ingredients come from and what they contain. Aliments bought from the supermarket will never taste as good as natural foods, which don't look perfect, because they aren't made in a chemical laboratory! However, when it comes to Italian food, well, there we established (after about two cocktails) that there are only three solutions: 1. You order food from farms in Italy. 2. You move to Italy. 3. You find an Italian boyfriend! 

P.S. My absolute favorite of all the goodies we've got from 'Fattoria La Vialla' is definitely the extra virgin olive oil! This Oil comes in a very enchanting bottle! It tasted fresh, pure and full of flavor! Did you know that cold pressed olive oil can help you lower your cholesterol? And there are a lot of other health benefits like, retaining the vitamin E content, which is a neutral antioxidant, and having a balance of omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids and omega-9. This exceptional quality of the oil reflects the care and dedication of the the people who made it! But be careful: once you’ve tasted this, it is very possible that you will never want to eat olive oil from a supermarket ever again!  

So, what do you think about organic food? Is it worth to buy food from a farm or are those aliments from the supermarket good enough? I am very curious to hear about your experiences with Italy and Italian food!

Please let me know your opinion in a comment below!