Ever heard of Anthelme Brillat-Savarin?


          Probably not. But in 1826 he said something that nearly everyone has heard, Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are. More familiar, right? Or even the shorter phrase, You are what you eat.

          I have believed this for a long time and added a phrase of my own to it You are what you exercise. The reason I believe this is because you can eat junk food every day for 30 days like many people have experimented, but if you work out and burn more than you eat you can maintain your physical appearance. But I know that deep down, inside us, if we eat junk food for too long, and yes, we look good, deep down something must be off. These are often called as tooth decayhigh blood pressurehigh cholesterol, heart disease and stroketype-2 diabetesosteoporosis and some cancers.

Scary isn’t it? All these fancy names, life-threatening conditions, which all can result from a poor diet

          In today’s society, everyone wants to eat a lot and maintain their health. That’s just not possible. How can you expect to eat a 500 calorie burger made from who knows what, and stay healthy? No judgment, I have worked for about 1 year in the fast food industry and seen it with my own eyes and stomach.

Why do I care about a healthy diet? 


          I’m just a regular guy, doing his thing just like everyone else. Skipping a meal or two, devouring three or four sometimes and for some reason, I don’t take in weight… well, at least not for now. I am so scared to even think of going to see a doctor to tell me what’s wrong with me, because the way it is now, not knowing, is much better. Pretty stupid right? We live in the 21’st century, everything is allowed.

          I’ve never really quite understood calories, what they mean, represent and how they impact my health. Of course, when I go to the supermarket, I grab an item, flip it over and start reading. Oh my! My feeling is instant regret. I can’t even understand half the ingredients nor the nutritional values per 100 ml or mg.

          For example. It so happens that I have regular milk and soy milk in my fridge (I always remember that joke with “Soy Milk is probably just regular milk introducing itself in Spanish”). Let me check and I’l show you the values. Ok.