Type A


          This blood type is what's up. A little selfish I know. ‘Another dramatic drum roll”, I am blood type A. The way I found my blood type was by accident when I started donating blood (check this article on why donating blood is good for you). Me and most of my loved ones are blood type A. Chances are that you as well are a type A since this type is among the most common.

Quick story: 

          Would it seem that blood type A officially appeared about 20.000 years B.C. Crazy right? It was right at the time when our beloved cave men have switched to agriculture. People invented farming and they started devouring on incredible mostly vegetables foods. That cause a switch in the digestive system. Now, that's not all for the best. Since we are more prone to eating vegetables rather than meats, our digestive system doesn’t do so well with processing meats. If blood type O’s need to look at amaranth and buckwheat, we need to take a turn for soy dishes.

          Our ancestors are the founders of farming and all the glorious grasses that go well with meats. Just like we can grow plants and vegetables, we can grow an awesome lifestyle around us. There are of course negative probable outcomes that follow a poor diet, such as diabetes and obesity. Keep in mind, if don’t follow the blood types recommendation, that doesn’t mean you will suffer from this. It just means that we are more prone to these diseases.

If curious, check here a list I made of all the helpful foods.

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