The long awaited secret formula.


          Scientists have figured out that each blood type requires a specific diet, meal, lifestyle, call it however you want. These are some facts that are worth taking into account. If you dare check out more about my article, you can check Blood type A-the vegetarian, Blood type B-the meat-dairy lover, Blood type AB-the veggie'omeat fan and Blood type O-the meat eater for cool stories about the origins of blood types.


          Basically, you fit into a blood type, you check out what is permitted to eat, what is neutral, and what is forbidden. You will have the possibility to combat what you are reading and ask questions, read blogs, forums, or just keep on reading here as I will try to deliver all the important information.


          My point is, lets not decide not to eat that cake because it has a million calories, lets see if your blood type allows it to begin with, and if it does, you should munch on it as long as it contains healthy ingredients and is followed by one of the recommended workouts and activities for your blood type. Yes! Said it right, you will find here  some great activities, risk factors, and other information about your blood type.

Now, the best for last.


Give me an A Give me a B Give me a AB Give me a O


          Click those links to find out awesome food items recommended for your, and awesome recipes. And just for the fun of it, you can also check out the average calories on each item, and weekly diet plans with the classic Maintain body weight, Loose a pound of two, Gain a pound or two.


Stay healthy.